Friedrich Lehn

ClearCase & ClearQuest Multisite Administration & Application Support, 01/2009 - 03/2015

Recommendation on LinkedIn by Application Manager Tool Support,
Schindler Elevator Ltd., March 2015

"I had the pleasure to work with Friedrich from 2010 to 2014 at Schindler Elevators. He helped us administering our complex worldwide ClearCase and ClearQuest environment. Thanks to his profound knowhow he executed perfectly all assigned tasks. He showed us valuable improvements and helped us supporting our users, flexibly and whenever needed. Not only his excellent technical skills need to be emphasized, but also his very friendly and patient relation with our users. For us, he was not just an external consultant, but part of the team."

Project Description

  • Crash recovery after corruption of productive ClearQuest database
  • Proactive Health Check: Design and implementation
  • Introduction of CC/CQ Version 8 and Migration to Windows Server 2008
  • Second and third level support for IBM Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest and Multisite
  • UCM, ClearCase & ClearQuest trainings for our Indian software developers
ClearCase, ClearQuest, UCM & RUP Consulting